Real Estate Investment Services


Apex Properties enjoys a long, successful track record of developing, leasing, managing and maintaining income properties. During the past twenty two years we've work with and for numerous investors in a number of capacities spanning the development, project management, construction and financing of multi million dollar real estate projects. We currently management a portfolio of income properties with a combined value in excess of $20M dollars and provide asset management and advisory services on portfolio in excess of $32M dollars.

Apex Integrates all servicesAs illustrated by the accompanying graphic Apex Properties is at the center of all activities relative to the acquisition, development, management, leasing and maintenance of investment properties.

In the last three years we've expanded our service offerings considerably. Our investment services and property management division has continued to grow the we now have a fully staffed and equipped construction management and property services division. The expansion enables us to provide cost effective, comprehensive services, improved performance and exceptional service to all of our clients. Essentially we are continuing to build an integrated, multi dimensional operating company that provides passive real estate investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio through income property investments.

The paramount considerations in our approach to real estate investing are:

  1. Pair investors to appropriate investments types
  2. Identify value creation opportunities
  3. Think long term and creatively
  4. Diversify risk by being as flexible as possible

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