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Property Management

Unlike traditional property management companies we’ve built the infrastructure of a real estate operating company.  Whether we’re managing an existing stabilized income property for an investor or institution or it’s one of our portfolio properties/development projects  we offer all our clients significant cost and performance advantages.  Our operating capacity allows us to offer a “bundled” single source, limited overhead alternative that has consistently reduced total operating costs of the properties we manage by at least 10%.  In additional, because we provide “in-house, inside” leasing, project management, construction management and property maintenance services our performance and responsiveness is consistent and always professional.  The end result is satisfied tenants that renew leases and properties that consistently yield higher than average returns for our investors.

The key ingredient for these results is combining traditional property management services with other services such as: construction management, leasing, snow plowing, landscaping, HVAC, light construction and general property maintenance.  To secure these “bundled” contracts we often negotiate multi year fixed price contracts.  At the heart of this business model is the concept that by creating long term mutually beneficial financial and performance outcomes for our clients and by extension for Apex Properties we’re able to focus our passion to perform, company resources, experience and expertise to set strategic agendas that produce long term cost reductions, performance improvements and better bottom lines.

Other unique features of our operating model include access to the accounting systems with Quick Books On-Line and property files via online access to our network server.  All of the information our partner investors need are available at your “finger tips”.

To get started today contact our Lead Property Manager Dawn Veino at 978.840-8000 x10.