Maintenance Services

Case Study

Landscaping and Snow Plowing

Larry Barstow owner of Headwall Photonics a high tech company had contacted Apex looking for landscaping and snow plowing maintenance proposals. After meeting with Larry, Mike was hearing the same thing he was always hearing from business owners, how can I control my operating costs? Apex showed him how by streamlining all of his property services with Apex, Larry did not have to call a different snow plowing company, fertilizing company, tree company and landscaping company. The property looks better than it ever did but looks better with a costs savings and sets the tone of excellance for their business and employees. Apex provided Larry with a budget plan for snow plowing which allowed him to know what his snow plowing budget would be. He paid a flat rate every month during the winter season which did away with huge bills some month and no bills some months which made general budgeting a challenge. The moral of the story is Apex allows business owners to do what they do best “Run Their Business” while we do what we do best take care of their property services needs.

Quote: “Mike, you and your team are professional and reliable and I truly appreciate the value that you deliver.” -Larry Barstow, owner Headwall Photonics, Fitchburg, MA